The end of the year and the beginning of a new one, for many, can be a time of reflection. We take note of the past year’s accomplishments and where we’re headed next. As we’re contemplating our next... Read More...

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Why Strong Leaders Use Sugar Instead of Vinegar

Danny Brassell was a new teacher and he really didn’t know what to do with seven-year-old Belinda. She was the smallest kid in his classroom and it was hard to imagine she could be as much trouble as... Read More...

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Leadership on a Budget

As an educator, we’ve all used our own money to buy supplies for our classrooms, prizes for points earned, or workshops and classes to train us to be better at our job. It’s part of what we do as com... Read More...

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Old School vs. New School Perspectives on Leadership

Being an educator is a true calling.  It takes a passion for education and a love of community to become the educator-leader needed for successful learning environments. Assuming this leadership role... Read More...

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BALANCING Leadership & Management for Principals

A Principal’s Impact My first teaching day looked like this: huge high school, one of 19 English teachers — yours truly was the only male in the department — and 174 sophomores on my roster.  ... Read More...

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To develop these pathways, one must be mindful of opportunities and strategies that can provide continued professional growth and development in areas of interest. In order to pick the best route, th... Read More...

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3 Reasons It’s Time To Pursue An Advanced Degree In Stem Education

“The answer is effective interdisciplinary STEM professional development for educators,” says Jennifer Albert, Ph.D., director of the STEM Center of Excellence at The Citadel. Read More...

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Q&A with Dr. Julie Hannah, Assistant Professor for Instructional Leadership at Samford University. If you are in education, you are well aware of the need to continue to learn. Whether your kn... Read More...

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