What’s Your VISION?

Sixty years ago, teachers and students were imagining what the world would be like in the future. I think they envisioned space travel, visiting distant galaxies, living the life of the Jetsons. In 2... Read More...

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Make SEL a Habit in Your Classroom

Make SEL a Habit in Your Classroom When I started my first teaching job, I was thrown into the deep end. I went immediately into a demanding, intense setting in which I taught children with ex... Read More...

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I was at a late-season Mets game, eating in one of the clubs, when the national anthem started playing on the video monitors. The hundreds of people who were chatting, eating, and drinking beer immed... Read More...

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I can speak from most positions in education from teacher’s aide to superintendent, so this is a fun topic. I spent 12 years as a county superintendent with 11 other superintendents in my county and ... Read More...

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TAKING THE LONG VIEW A Turbulent Path Toward 2042

The way we work, teach, live, and learn is changing at an exponential rate. By 2042 the education landscape could look considerably different than it does today. Regional learning ecosystems could su... Read More...

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Today’s students will live in a world that is challenging to predict. The current notions of college and career readiness are often rooted in prior models of work and post-secondary education that ma... Read More...

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Brainy Teachers Working with Brainy Parents Change the World

One of the major things I have come to understand both as an educator and a parent is the hugeinfluence parents and teachers have on brain development. I don’t like to burst anyone’s bubble- especial... Read More...

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2040 VISION Looking Back at the Emergence of Competency Based Learning

The bureaucrats were the worst. They dug in their heels and clung to the control model that included long lists of content standards to be “covered” and standardized tests designed to give percentile... Read More...

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