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Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke are the common terms for severe thermal injury disease. This occurs regularly across the globe resulting in more than 8,000 deaths annually; primarily in those exercising (football players, marathon runners and other school athletes) in hot and humid conditions. When the Heat Index (combined heat and humidity levels) exceed 110°F., thermal injury disease becomes likely. This occurs at 90°F. and 75% humidity or 95°F. and 57% humidity. At 90°F and 90% humidity, the Heat Index is 121.9°F. These can be lethal conditions. Research supports a rate for heatstroke of 1:1000 for those exercising in a hot environment. However, the rate of thermal injury with organ damage or failure may be 10x that of actual heatstroke. Heat Stroke is the second largest killer of athletes in the U.S.


“Polar Breeze® is a state-of-the-art total body cooling technology designed and patented to rapidly reduce core body temperature.“

The Problem

Known as EHS- Environmental Heat Stress- also known as Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

Typically occurs when a body’s core temperature reaches or exceeds 104.0°F. due to environmental heat exposure and/or heavy exercise. This acute temperature and humidity elevation overwhelms the body’s core-temperature regulation mechanisms. Treatment requires rapid physical cooling of the body. The higher the heat and the longer the exposure, the greater the physical damage sustained by the body. Thus, the more rapidly the normal core body temperature can be restored, the less the total thermal injury damage will be sustained. The current preferred modality for bringing down the body’s core temperature to normal is utilizing an ice bath but this method has its draw backs usually in immediate availability.

Note: While ice-water immersion baths are the current gold-standard for heatstroke treatment, they are not usually available in the immediate time-frame necessary. Cooling the head and brain are usually neglected in preference to only cooling the body. When dealing with heat injury victims, it is literally a race with time to improve their condition.

The Solution

Polar Breeze® is a state-of-the-art total body cooling technology designed and patented to rapidly reduce core body temperature. When time is of the essence, nothing lowers the body core temperature faster than the Polar Breeze® - Air Chilling System.

Polar Breeze® utilizes a cold air stream into the largest surface-area organ of the entire body- the lungs. While immersion in ice-water can cool the 1.7 to 2.3 square meters (2.0-2.75 square yards) of the body surface area, the lungs offer a cooling area directly into the bloodstream of 30 to 70 square meters and up to 100 square meters in some athletes - that’s half the size of a tennis court!. Cooling the bloodstream cools the entire body from the inside out, head-to-toe! The greater the surface area, the faster this occurs!

In actual recent testing, Polar Breeze® has dropped core body temperature 1°F. every two minutes. Polar Breeze® is not a respirator so the athlete can naturally breathe cold (58-63°F.) air continuously into the lungs until his core temperature returns to a safe range. Regular temperature measurements, hydration, and rehab with Polar Breeze® help the athlete maintain near-normal body temperature during exertion. This may help the athlete maintain focus, concentration, and performance.

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