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The end of the year and the beginning of a new one, for many, can be a time of reflection. We take note of the past year’s accomplishments and where we’re headed next. As we’re contemplating our next move, we often times are setting new goals — personally or professionally — to achieve all of the things we’re hoping for in the New Year. 


In order to reach these milestones, you may have to devise a detailed roadmap of things needed to be done to accomplish all you have in mind. This roadmap of tasks may seem laborious and never-ending. However, whatever steps you take, you must take the lead in your own destiny. And leadership takes a lot of passion and a lot of hard work.

In this issue of SEEN, we were lucky enough to speak with two administrators who embody those leadership characteristics — passion and hard work — every day when they walk into their schools and start the day. The administrators were different: one just starting his administrative career and the other a seasoned veteran in administration. However, they both were passionate about their contributions, optimistic about all 2018 has to bring, and offered words of wisdom for those looking to go into a principalship role. If you’ve been considering going into education administration — or already there and need a little support — read “Perspectives on Leadership: Old School vs. New School,” our articles on career pathways in education, master degree programs and the dynamics of principal-superintendent relationships. You will get unique perspectives that will introduce you to the role of an administrator and what it takes to lead.

Leadership doesn’t only take place within the school’s walls and with the principal, but it also manifests in sports. We take a look at one of our greatest national pastimes — football — and its competitive culture in the South. From the legions of superfans to the physical injuries of players, we look at how the game is celebrated in the region and the risk of contact sports.

The South’s love affair with football almost competes with its love of good cookin’. However, many of our students are not fortunate to get a home-cooked meal every day. No Kid Hungry and others share with us the harsh reality of childhood hunger which still exists today. Lack of proper nutrition affects a child’s ability to learn and become the successful, productive student they are destined to be. This is a topic we can’t afford to ignore and we need to lead the charge in helping our communities overcome this issue.

As we take a look at all the different dynamics of education today, we should be optimistic and take on new challenges. The New Year is another chance to reach our professional goals, to develop ourselves to reach those goals, and — most importantly — to lead with purpose and passion in all things. I look forward to bringing you more great information and hearing your leadership stories in 2018!

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