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“I want to hear and be heard and understand what to do”

It never occurred to anyone that there would be confusion over what to do when the alarm went off. We relied on the drills. But we had visitors on campus and visiting instructors and we had not done ... Read More...

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Brainy Parents Create Brainy Kids

One of the major things I have come to understand both as an educator and a parent is the huge influence parents and teachers have on brain development. I don’t like to burst anyone’s bubble- esp... Read More...

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Brainy Teachers Working with Brainy Parents Change the World

One of the major things I have come to understand both as an educator and a parent is the hugeinfluence parents and teachers have on brain development. I don’t like to burst anyone’s bubble- especial... Read More...

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Executive Function Skills: The “X” Factor in Early Education

It has long been known by educators, clinicians, and parents that developmental disorders involving attention, such as ADHD, can have severe detrimental consequences for academic achievement. But it ... Read More...

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How to Transition to a Standards Based Environment

There is a growing movement towards Standards Based Learning across the country, a burgeoning sense of excitement among teachers within the community. Making this change is a BIG step and not a simpl... Read More...

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Letter to Leaders

As a leader you may be asking yourself- “I signed up for this?”  The answer is yes and many are glad you did.  As a superintendent or building principal you have the talent, desire and disposition to... Read More...

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Too many school organizations have neglected to properly address their most important responsibility: effective Teaching-n-Learning. While no one will argue that teaching and  learning takes place ... Read More...

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Make SEL a Habit in Your Classroom

Make SEL a Habit in Your Classroom When I started my first teaching job, I was thrown into the deep end. I went immediately into a demanding, intense setting in which I taught children with ex... Read More...

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I was at a late-season Mets game, eating in one of the clubs, when the national anthem started playing on the video monitors. The hundreds of people who were chatting, eating, and drinking beer immed... Read More...

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Thinking about Professional Development Differently

An innovative approach to holistic professional development for all school district employees to improve student outcomes I’ve spent over 15 years talking to school districts around the cou... Read More...

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Building Bridges to a Strong School Community

Schools with a strong sense of community are positive places where children, parents, and staff all work together in an environment that has the potential to help each individual find success. Creati... Read More...

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Why Teachers Need to Know About Educational Neuroscience

Any educator who has been in the profession long enough remembers the numerous and well-intentioned curriculum programs and instruction initiatives that have appeared, faded, and even disappeared ove... Read More...

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: How we can transform pedagogy with big data, artificial intelligence and social human robotics

The opportunity for education to lead rather than follow innovative, breakthrough applications of technology is within reach. Educational leadership can leverage these technologies to advance teachin... Read More...

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Building Knowledge in Our English Classrooms

When my school implemented a new literacy curriculum in the start of the 2015-16 school year, I remember laughing. Not a, “Here we go again with yet another curriculum” laugh, but a, “It wouldn’t be ... Read More...

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