From the Editor-in Chief

The new school year is always a good time to make a fresh start in so many ways. Here, at SEEN , we thought one of the most basic ways to make a fresh start and an impact at the beginning of the sch... Read More...

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Engaging Families

This last week I received a tee shirt from a friend. Across the front were the words ALLEGEDLY RETIRED. That’s very true for me. When I left my position as superintendent of a county school system, I... Read More...

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A Clean Slate for the New School Year

Don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is already made up! How many times have you seen someone act as if they’re thinking that?  Read More...

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Starting the New Year with a Positive Perception of Change

When starting a new school year, every administrator thinks about how to bring about positive change. We hear a lot about making data-driven decisions, and yes, I’ll bet every school district waits f... Read More...

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STRENGTHENING Family-School Partnerships

When my children started elementary school, my wife and I wanted to make sure their school had all the tools and resources needed to help them and their classmates succeed. We didn’t have all th... Read More...

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A Guide to Difficult Conversations

As educators we are, by the nature of our work, faced with many opportunities to have difficult conversations. These occur with students, with parents, and sometimes even with each other.  Our job is... Read More...

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Building Relationships with Students who have Experienced Trauma

What is trauma? How may trauma affect my student’s academic performance? What can I do as a teacher to help students who have experienced trauma? What are ACEs and how do they affect my students? The... Read More...

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Family Intervention

For individuals with disabilities, the success of intervention depends on many variables. Providing evidence-based effective treatment, ongoing staff training and feedback, and identifying appropriat... Read More...

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Issue 20.2 | Fall 2018

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