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The writers, staff and contributors to SEEN Magazine receive a steady stream of new product information, items for review, and recommendations from the community for the newest, greatest products that we should review and present to our readers.
This website section presents groups of products that we felt were worthy of your attention and school's consideration. Please take a look and let us know your thoughts!

Back To School Product Review

GET YOUR STUDENTS EXCITED ABOUT LEARNING Create personalized experiences that encourage, excite, and build confidence in children with LeapFrog learning systems. Our products combine robust te... Read More...

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FSR’s HuddleVu

Collaborative learning technologies are enhancing the way students absorb, retain, interact with and relate to information. Read More...

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Ardusat Classroom Launch Pack

Give your students direct access to an orbiting satellite. They can create their own experiment, send it, and collect data from space. Read More...

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An average of 30 percent of students do not have adequate Internet access when they leave school. As more districts implement digital and web-based learning programs, a large number of students are fi... Read More...

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SEAS Education

Everything you need in 3 simple screens! SEAS Achieve 2.0 supports all school district education plan types including IEP, Academic and Behavior, RTI, Section 504, English Language Learner, and Gifted... Read More...

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SchoolGuard ™

SchoolGuard ™ acts as an early warning system to teachers and law enforcement officers in the event of an active school shooting. Read More...

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Glyde Corporation

Avoid the hassles of eBay and Craigslist the next time you buy or sell gadgets online.  Read More...

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KnowRe’s cloud-based math curriculum is aligned with the CCSS and works with learners of varying abilities.  Read More...

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